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"I came to see Kirsty initially for reflexology in late 2008, I always found her to be nothing less than 100% professional, caring and informative. I chose reflexology as my husband & I were planning a family, I had read lots about the positive reports on the impact it has with helping to balance the body. As a suffer of PCOS I knew that conceiving would be a challenge.

With the support of Kirsty, through reflexology, some homeopathy & advice on alternative medication I was delighted to give birth to our first son in Nov 2011. Kirsty was a constant support during my pregnancy but ultimately in the weekend prior to our son's birth when anxiety & fear of the unknown became too much. The reflexology I had helped to relax me, along with a wonderful homeopathic kit I became a lot calmer and felt more at ease facing the impending birth as well as pain relieve (arnica tablets) which helped enormously with healing after my C-section.

I still come to Kirsty once a month as I feel it helps me to keep on top of my hormone imbalances as well as alerting me to any other issues I need to address.

I would like to this opportunity to thank Kirsty whole-heartily for the support and help she has given my husband and I to achieve our goal and become a family."

- Mrs. Palmer, Dorset, UK