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Kirsty Myles, BSc (Hons) RABC RSHom

Reflexologist & Homeopath

Kirsty Myles, BSc (Hons) RABC RSHom, Reflexologist & Homeopath

Kirsty has always had a keen interest in complementary Medicine, which motivated her to complete a BSc Hons Degree in Complementary Medicine and Health Sciences at The University of Salford in the UK; graduating in 2000.

During her time at Salford University she also completed the necessary training through the Wigan and Leigh College to be awarded a Diploma in Reflexology; in August 1999. Kirsty has been a member of the International Council of Holistic Therapists for over seven years, and is now a member of the Society of Reflexologists in BC with insurance through Lloyds.

Completing her degree gave her the inspiration to pursue further training within homoeopathy; having focused on this therapy in her final year at university.

Kirsty attended The British School of Homoeopathy, based in Bath, UK; graduating in 2004. Becoming a member with The UK Society of Homeopaths in 2004, and the Canadian British Columbia Society of Homeopaths in 2016; practicing in accordance with The Society of Homeopaths’ Code of Ethics and Practice, its Core Criteria and the National Occupational Standards for Homeopathy. Also with full insurance through The Society of Homeopaths.

As a practitioner Kirsty is continually developing her knowledge and skills through attending seminars, courses and peer reviews.

Kirsty would welcome the opportunity to discuss how Homoeopathy or Reflexology may be of benefit to you. She thanks you for your time in visiting her website and finding out more about the treatments she offers.

I am happy to work alongside your G.P; homoeopathy and reflexology does not work in opposition to conventional medicine and I would hope that your G.P and I could be in partnership to support you and create a truly complementary service for the benefit of your health. I will never under any circumstances give advice on prescription medication; this aspect of your treatment is between you and your G.P.